Collection: Ticket Black Divz

Ticket Divz : These are vouchers or coupons that customers can purchase in your store.

Each ticket has a specific value in euros and offers different discount options or benefits.

  1. 3 euro ticket :

    • Discount option : By redeeming a 3 euro ticket, customers can earn discounts on their purchases.
    • Discount Range : Discounts vary between 5% and 15%.
  2. 5 euro entry :

    • Discount option : By redeeming a 5 euro ticket, customers can also get discounts.
    • Discount Range : Discounts available range from 15% to 25%.
  • Golden Divz Entry:

By purchasing the Golden Divz Ticket , customers are guaranteed to be able to get a random product for the price of the Ticket. 

This allows them to select an item safely and without risk.

  • The products available in the Golden Divz Ticket will be updated periodically to offer variety to customers. Thus, they will be able to choose between different options over time.
  • This special ticket gives customers the opportunity to get a quality product at a fixed price. We hope you enjoy your choice! 

The Ticket Divz offer your customers a variety of benefits and savings options when making purchases at your clothing store.

Customers will be informed of the product/discount they have received, via email, with 2 emails.

1st confirming your ticket purchase and 2nd with the result of your prize.

Once the second email with the prize is sent, in that same email the customer will be informed what type of product it is, if there are several colors to choose from, which one they want and if there are several sizes, which one they want.

Once our email responds, the shipment will be made.